Vintage Wedding Music

The perfect soundtrack to your day!

So what’s the perfect playlist for a vintage themed wedding then? Here’s some ideas of music that we know goes down really well with guests of all ages…

Vintage swing weddingsVintage Swing

The swing and big band sound is the perfect vintage wedding music, evoking images of an iconic era of swing dresses, top hats and all out glamour. The music can be used to set the mood during the day or to encourage hugely enjoyable Charleston or Lindy Hop style dancing!

There’s a wide range of artists to inspire and delight from this pivotal time in music such as the big band sound of Glen Miller and Benny Goodman and the gorgeous jazz of Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday.

Daytime wedding breakfastDaytime


Your drinks reception and wedding breakfast are the perfect opportunity to play a great selection of positive and uplifting music in order to set the atmosphere for your day. This soundtrack can feature a varied choice from old to new that reflects your tastes.

In this mix we have showcased classic jazz and swing, current hits performed in a retro manner, live lounge covers and contemporary choices to suit a diverse audience.

Vintage Wedding Music

Electro Swing

Electro swing is a new style of music which takes its inspiration from an old style of music. It takes samples from 1920’s – 50’s jazz and swing tracks and remixes them for a present day audience. It can vary greatly in feel and tempo from very gentle jazz and swing right up to lively dancefloor based tracks mixed with hip hop, house and drum & bass. Some of the stand out artists of this genre are Parov Stelar, Caravan Palace, The Correspondents and The Electric Swing Circus.

At Vintage Wedding DJ it’s also a style of music close to our heart because this led us into hosting our own vintage events as ‘The Electro Swing Ball’. Find out more about having electro swing at your wedding and how you could create your own Great Gatsby style party.

Vintage wedding music50’s Rock & Roll

Vintage weddings can be a great excuse to play some rock & roll and there’s some iconic artists from this era that always work brilliantly on the dancefloor. Think Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Little Richard and get ready to Rock Around The Clock!

Vintage wedding musicSoul & Funk

Are you happiest when you’re listening to Craig Charles perform his soul & funk show on a Saturday night? If so what about adding a bit of soul & funk to your wedding playlist? It’s such a good style of music – crossing all boundaries and age ranges and simply asking you to dance and strut your stuff!

There’s a goldmine of great music to discover here from the slick Motown sound of Diana Ross, The Four Tops and The Jackson 5, the classic soul sound of Otis Redding and Wilson Picket to the funk sounds of James Brown, Sly & The Family Stone and Stevie Wonder. Find out more about having soul, funk & disco at your wedding.

Disco dance weddingDisco & Dance

Dance music has been the heartbeat to a good party for many years now. From the uplifting and happy sound of disco, through the pop and electro sounds of the 80’s, right up to current house music, there comes a certain point in the night when you just need to dance!

Later in the evening, if you’d like us to then we’re happy to come right up to date and have no problem progressing into house, techno and if it fits drum & bass! Whatever music you and your guests are into, we can provide an awesome set for you to enjoy.

rock-indieRock & Indie

There comes a point in every good party when you just need to rock out. There’s so much great guitar music to choose from starting from the 60’s with The Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Kinks; the 70’s with Fleetwood Mac, T-Rex and David Bowie; the 80’s with Queen, The Cure and The Smiths; 90’s Britpop bands such as Blur, Oasis and Pulp; The Killers, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Fratellis in the 00’s; right up to the current rock bands; Royal Blood, Jamie T and Wolf Alice.

Vintage wedding themeNot just vintage music!

Don’t forget that just because we specialise in vintage music we’re not restricted to solely vintage styles. You can combine the vintage theme with your own favourites, old or new. It’s your day and the mix of music you decide to have is entirely up to you.