Should you ask for Requests..?

Should you ask for Requests..?

Is it a good idea to ask for music requests with your RSVP?

On the face of it you may think so, because it allows everyone to feel included, however in reality it often doesn’t work. As the most important people on the day the music selection should represent your tastes and as such I will spend lots of time planning this together with you before the day. It’s my job to include of all your favourites with my experience of music into a coherent playlist that makes sense and creates a busy dancefloor. If I have to combine your carefully selected tracks with an unpredictable mix of tunes chosen by your guests then the music will no longer represent you and can become disjointed. Also if I know their choices aren’t going to work on the dancefloor then the chances are it won’t get played and so some guests may feel disappointed.

Your wedding day is the one day in your life when it’s all about you and your partner so don’t surrender this power! Think about music you enjoy for a party, let me help you with my expertise and experience, and together we can create memories that will last a lifetime!

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