Polly & Matt @ Crazy Bear

Polly & Matt @ Crazy Bear
Vintage Wedding DJ had a great time recently providing the entertainment for the wedding of Polly and Matt Orton.

Polly&Matt-InvitationThe day was extra special because it marked the couple’s 10th anniversary together and they certainly made sure that they celebrated in style at the incredible ‘Crazy Bear Hotel‘ in Stadhampton, near Oxford. There are few venues that look as good as the Crazy Bear and this is one place where more is most definitely more. The team behind this hotel have worked hard to create a unique venue and the attention to detail throughout is stunning.

Dramatic Entrance

Polly and Matt love the glitz and glamour of the big screen so we agreed that their entrance theme should be the oriental track from the opening credits of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. As they arrived and greeted their guests this transitioned into the Pearl and Dean theme tune, before moving seamlessly into their first dance, ‘What A Difference A Day Made’ by Jamie Cullum.

The couple sparkled and glittered in the limelight as their first dance finished and leading by example, they encouraged all their guests to join us on the dance floor for the finest hour of electro-swing classics. During this part we played remixes of many well known tracks, including Fever, Puttin On The Ritz, In The Mood and Cheek To Cheek; everyone joined in and it filled us with delight.

Cake, birthdays and a Thai feast

Polly and Matt shared their wedding day with their niece’s 12th birthday, so they invited Jay up to help them cut the cake, soundtracked by The Beatles singing ‘Birthday’. Next the Thai buffet was announced, appropriately accompanied by ‘Food Glorious Food’ from Oliver.

Polly Matt DancefloorEveryone paused for food and then the evening commenced with a full dance floor, which few people left. We began with more electro-swing and then progressed towards newer choices; hitting 50’s rock & roll, 60’s classics, soul and motown along the way. As the evening drew on we played their personal favorites and those which had special significance for the couple and their friends. Highlights included a number of songs by The Doors, ‘Tequila’ by The Champs and the Back to the Future version of ‘Johnny B Goode’. The movie theme continued throughout as we played a number of movie studio opening theme tunes between songs.

The night was scheduled to finish at midnight, but the venue staff were amazing and allowed us run over until past 1am. At the end of the night just Polly and Matt, plus a hardcore of their closest friends remained on the dance floor; they certainly made the most of it and selected a personalised soundtrack of party tunes.

Vintage wedding setupThe couple’s final request of the night was ‘The End’ by the Doors which went down a treat and felt very moving. I must admit though, I simply couldn’t resist sneaking one more to end the night on a high – one of their favourite tracks and a party anthem – ‘Jump Around’ by House of Pain. In the wee small hours the party came to a close and with smiles on their faces and a great night’s dancing under their belts, Polly and Matt’s guests drifted off to their rooms.

Overall we have say that it was an incredible night in a stunning venue. The night perfectly demonstrated how the vintage style can be combined with a huge range of modern and dance floor classics, to keep all the guests happy for the whole celebration.

And in their words…

Polly and Matt were kind enough to include this comment as part of their feedback:

“We were both thrilled to have David as the evening’s entertainment  at our wedding. A great mix of tunes delivered in a unique style that was perfect for our theme!”
Polly and Matt Orton, June 2014

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