Musings of a Vintage Wedding DJ…

Musings of a Vintage Wedding DJ…

Well it’s a been a stunning ride; today is my birthday and I thought it was the perfect time to take stock of how Vintage Wedding DJ has grown over the last 3 years.

The Beginning

The concept for creating bespoke wedding entertainment with a vintage twist grew from our successful Electro-Swing Ball events where we realised that vintage music could unite all age groups within an audience. Combining a wide knowledge of music of all genres from old to new with an eagerness to give each couple the best experience that I possibly could, has led to many very successful and hugely enjoyable weddings. It’s easy to say how good you are at doing your job, however I hope that this is borne out by the positive reviews I’ve received on Google and Facebook.


It has taken time and a lot of hard work to get to where the business is today; I’ve invested in good looking, high quality equipment that is a compliment to any wedding, plus I’m willing to work hard every time to make sure that each event is as good as it possibly can be. Sometimes vintage music goes down well all night; sometimes I start off playing old music and then end up playing party classics to keep everyone happy. Every wedding is very different and each couple wants and needs vary widely. What doesn’t vary is that my own wedding was the best day of my life and I want every couple to share in this feeling.


To me, the very best weddings are the ones where the couple have lots of good ideas and I can make them happen. Having someone jump out of a cake halfway through the night, or playing a sentimental song to make the mother of the bride happy; these are the moments that will be remembered for a lifetime, and these are the moments I’m keen to make happen. Some careful planning beforehand can go a very long way and create a memory that will last forever.


I know that my own skills for running a wedding have improved immensely during this time. I’m very confident in helping each couple plan the timeline for their day and help them to implement it. My confidence on the microphone to announce and introduce each part of the day has improved immeasureably and I’m happy to act as Master of Ceremonies whenever needed; I’m finally at the point where I can freestyle and make jokes!

The Future

This is what has made Vintage Wedding DJ successful so far, and I hope that these skills will grow and develop in years to come. I can honestly say that I love my job; I get to plan and then spend the day with the most beautiful couples and their friends and families. I frequently come away from weddings feeling valued and loved having made new friends, I feel blessed and I am excited about the future. Huge love and thanks to all the couples I have worked with over the past 3 years, it’s been a blast and I have loved every single event.

Credits: Thank-you to the brilliant Kevin at Potters Instinct Photography for the fabulous photo, and to Claire and Carl for letting me share in their a truly exceptional wedding.

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