Electro Swing Wedding DJ

Wedding entertainment with an electro swing!

Electro Swing Wedding DJ

Would you like to capture the opulence and excitement of the 1920s and 30s era by having an electro swing DJ for your wedding?

Electro swing music takes the feel of 1920’s – 50’s jazz and swing tracks and reimagines them for a modern day audience. To get an idea start off by listening to this mix which features some of the most popular tracks:

The Great Gatsby Wedding

Great Gatsby Wedding

The recent growth of electro swing has certainly been helped by films such as The Great Gatsby and the TV show Boardwalk Empire. There’s been a renewed interest in themed parties that capture the feel of the roaring 1920’s, Prohibition and the Jazz Age. You could recreate the vintage feel for  the daytime part, or why not ask your guests to dress up in swing dresses and top hats and encourage everyone to party like Gatsby?

Charleston swing dance lesson

Dance like it’s 1929…

Of course if you really want to impress people how about doing your first dance in a charleston or lindyhop style or you could even have a short dance class so that all of your guests can learn a few moves!

From swing-hop to ghetto-funk…

At Vintage Wedding DJ electro swing was the music that made us fall in love with the vintage style and we regularly host our own glamorous events in Shropshire as the Electro Swing Ball. At these we play the full range of electro swing (also known variously as vintage remix or antique beats). You can go from hip-hop influenced swing, to a heavier style known as ghetto swing, right up to swing house and swing mixed with drum & bass. As if that’s not enough, electro swing combines surprisingly well with eastern european style gypsy and balkan beats, as well as rock & roll, soul, funk and ghetto funk. You can hear a number of examples of these in this award winning minimix with which our own DJR won a set at Glade Festival:

DJR @ Hot Club De Swing

And here’s the mix that DJR played at Birmingham’s prestigious Hot Club De Swing:

Need more variation?

Now we love electro-swing, and we’ll quite happily play it all night long as we do for our own events as The Electro Swing Ball. However at most weddings you do want a bit more variety to keep all your guests happy – so of course, during the planning meetings we will work out what else you want to hear. We love everything from the very old right up to current club hits – just tell us what your favourite is and we’ll make it happen!